Okara Cantt was established during the year 1967 in the district of Okara which is a district of Punjab situated on South-west to the city of Lahore. It is situated in the middle of Lahore and Multan and is connected to both cities by National Highway and Railway Tracks. It is approximately 25 km from Division Sahiwal. Adda Gamber is a part of Okara Cantt and falls in the revenue limits of District Sahiwal.

                   Okara is famous for its fertile lands, peaceful natural environment. Its economy is based on agricultural lands which is being irrigated through canals. The biggest canal Lower Bari Doaab passes through its lands. The famous river Ravi also goes along the border of Faisalabad. Dairy and fruit products are the identification mark of area. World famous Mitchels Farms also are located in District Okara in nearest town Renala Khurd. Group of Military Dairy Farm/Factory is also part of Okara. The total Area of Okara Cantonment is approximately 15010 Acres which includes an area of 191 Acres as Defence Land and Bazar Area of 162.96 Acres. Okara Cantonment is a Class – II having total population of 0.067 million as per latest census.

1)       Date of Establishment of Okara Cantonment   1967


Area (Acres)




Land in the active occupation of the Army



land under management of Cantt Board



Land which is vested in the Board.

Extended Area


Private Land for Taxation Purpose

Prov. Govt Land


Provincial Govt Land






Population of Okara Cantonment


(as per 2017 census report

Bazar Area

162.96 Acres


04 Nos.

Grave Yard

01 No

Length of Roads

32.22 K.M

Tube Wells

05 Nos.

Water Filteration Plants

11 Nos.

Street Lights

375 Nos.

Cantt Public High School

01 No.

Library / Reading Room

01 No.